HVAC & Heavy Equipment Setting Solutions for Faster and More Profitable Projects

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential HVAC Setting

HVAC and Heavy Equipment setting in commercial, industrial and residential environments requires an extensive amount of work with heavy equipment and an experienced service provider like Axis Crane.

The expert staff at Axis Crane have the knowledge and experience it takes to make your project run smoothly.  For more than a decade, Axis Crane has provided a full range of innovative solutions to all facets of work involving HVAC and other heavy equipment.  Regardless of the weight, size or sensitivity of the equipment, Axis Crane can handle the job safely, efficiently and professionally.

Turn-Key Solutions for HVAC and Heavy Equipment Setting

Axis Crane’s RECEIVE – STORE – HAUL – SET – RECYCLE turn-key solution is the answer for all of your HVAC and heavy equipment setting needs.  Read below for details or contact us for further information, consultation or quotes.


To start your project, Axis Crane transports or accepts new units at our facility for inventory and storage purposes.  Axis crew members will ensure that each unit is carefully offloaded, labeled and stored until you are ready to execute your project and install the equipment.  If your project requires a single HVAC unit or dozens of pieces of equipment to be spread across multiple job sites, we are able to receive them in our facility for handling & storage.

heavy equipment setting services provided by axis crane serving all of Washington and Oregon

heavy equipment setting & equipment storing and tracking provided by axis crane serving all of Washington and Oregon


Axis Crane will store and track your equipment until your project schedule calls for installation.  If needed, your HVAC technicians can come to the Axis Crane storage yard to inspect and prepare the equipment for installation.  In any event, your equipment will be stored and waiting for your convenience.

See our standard equipment storage agreement Terms & Conditions.


Axis Crane dispatchers coordinate with your project manager to schedule delivery of the crane and your units to the job site.  The units are carefully loaded onto a truck and transported to the job site, delivering each piece of equipment on a timeline to align with your project schedule.  Once the units have been safely delivered, the equipment setting process can begin.

heavy equipment setting, unit & crane hauling provided by axis crane servicing all of Washington and Oregon

heavy equipment setting & industrial unit setting provided by axis crane servicing Washington and Oregon

heavy equipment setting services; recycle and removal of old units axis crane servicing Oregon and Washington


Before any lifting work begins, Axis Crane staff will create detailed lift plans specific to the location, building, crane and equipment to ensure the right crane is selected and each lift will be completed within safety guidelines.

Axis Crane’s professional crane operators and ground crew take pride in every detail of the project to ensure success.  We meticulously plan and communicate each step of the process to identify potential obstacles during our pre-lift safety briefing.


After the job is done, Axis Crane will remove old units from the job site and transport them to a decommissioning yard.  The old units will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way relieving you from the need to dispose of them.  Refrigerants and any other hazardous materials are safely handled in accordance with DEQ and Axis Crane environmental policy requirements.

Axis Crane has what it takes to make your HVAC or Heavy Equipment Setting project safer, faster and more profitable!

Contact us today for a quote or consultation for your HVAC or equipment setting needs.

See the photo gallery below for examples of our cranes performing HVAC & heavy equipment setting and hauling work