Axis Crane Services for the Construction and Maintenance of Cell Towers and Electrical Towers

As more and more people are counting on smartphones for communication, the need for cell towers is on the rise. Additionally, cell phone vendors are frequently upgrading their technology requiring maintenance or replacement of cellular technology at the top of the towers. Erecting and maintaining cell tower structures and electrical towers can get complicated. It is critical to have the right crane equipment and people to do the job safely and correctly the first time.

Axis Crane, offers a wide range of cranes, transportation and services that will make your project much smoother. We are available 24 hours a day to ensure that your projects are completed in a timely manner. Our new All-Terrain cranes are great for getting up very tight service roads to reach even the highest towers.

Axis has experience in flying equipment/antennas/platforms, full tophat replacement, erecting/dismantling the tower and more. We do everything from flying a manbasket to even delivering and setting the shelter on the ground by the tower. In addition to installation, our cranes are crucial for maintenance and repairs at these challenging job sites as well.

Electrical Towers & Cell Towers by Axis Crane Serving Washington And Oregon

Electrical Towers & Cell Towers by Axis Crane Serving Washington And Oregon

How Can Axis Crane Help with Tower Construction and Maintenance?

When Electrical or Cell Tower construction or maintenance is planned, it will require purpose-built cranes, transportation solutions and support equipment. Our cranes are designed to lift the weights and reach the heights for all of your tower work and remain well within safe capacities. Even your most challenging projects are made easier with the right people and equipment.

When your job site is located in a remote, difficult to reach location, our cranes and transportation solutions will deliver the cranes and your materials safely and without hassle. We are prepared to travel to places that are easy to access as well as those remote job sites. Our drivers & operators are very experienced in maneuvering the cranes on challenging roads.

If you need to stage parts or equipment for your project, your suppliers can deliver equipment to Axis Crane’s yard for storage and delivery to your job site when the parts are needed. We will keep a record of all parts for your project and streamline the delivery to meet your schedule.

Why Should You Work with Axis Crane?

Since 2002, Axis Crane has proudly served the states of Oregon and Washington.