Additional Support and Heavy Hauling Vehicles

Axis Crane provides a wide range of heavy haul services. Whether you need parts delivered to a jobsite, debris removed from a demolition project or over-sized equipment transported, Axis Crane will deliver. With our fleet of trucks and trailers, we specialize in transporting over-sized/weight cargo and equipment providing a full-service approach to your specific project needs.

Our dispatchers specialize in obtaining all of the specialized permits required making sure that your job is properly documented and meets all DOT permitting requirements for your haul. Axis Crane utilizes certified pilot cars and traffic control when necessary to guide and protect your load or project and ensure efficient traffic management on the job site.

If you are replacing a large number of air-handling units on a building, you can have them delivered to Axis Crane’s yard for storage until you are ready for them. Axis Crane freight services will deliver them to the job site in the order you need them and our crane crews will then work with your team to set the units in a safe and timely manner.

Contact us if you have heavy hauling needs or would like additional information about our full line of services.