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The safety of our employees, our customers, our equipment and the environment are top priorities of Axis Crane.

Company-wide Safety Program

Axis Crane has a company-wide safety program that defines company safety policy and procedures.  It establishes responsibility with respect to the safety and health of all our customers and employees.  Our safety program contains a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy to ensure a safe working environment for everyone.  Axis Crane has adopted a continuing education program which provides resources to our employees so they can obtain and maintain proper credentials as well as continue developing their professional skills and competency through ongoing training.


Axis Crane has an established employee-lead Safety Committee to ensure employees have representation to management for all safety-related matters.  It is important that everybody in the company has a role in ensuring the safe conduct of work on a day-to-day basis.

Safety Committee Mission Statement:

The mission of the Axis Crane Health and Safety Committee is to develop, promote and maintain a healthy and safe environment for all employees and visitors to our facilities and at our job sites through the involvement of both management and labor in occupational safety and health matters.  The Committee shall provide an opportunity for open discussion of problems that result or could result in injury or illness.  The Committee shall assist management in the evaluation of recommendations for an improvement of the work environment. The Committee shall work to improve the cooperative spirit between all employees of the company.


Safety Site Inspection by Axis Crane in Washington and Oregon

To ensure compliance with the company safety program, the Axis Crane safety manager regularly conducts thorough on-site safety inspections.


Certified Crane Operators in Oregon and Washington

Our journeymen crane operators are members of the International Union of Operating Engineers and are NCCCO certified.  Other qualifications that are kept current are their OSHA-10, Rigging and Signaling, and TWIC cards just to name a few. They are all skilled in various types of crane work including general hoisting, wind turbine generator lifts, personnel hoisting, trucking, machinery moving, building mechanical and industrial plant work.

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At Axis Crane, we believe it is our obligation to be good stewards of the environment such that we protect it for today as well as future generations.  Our goal is to provide the tools and knowledge to help preserve and enhance our existing environmental policy.  As a company, we are constantly working to maximize the safety and sustainability of our business.  Some of the components of our Environmental Safety Program include:


  • Axis management promotes recycling whenever possible.
  • Axis Crane provides recycling containers for all recyclable materials throughout the office.


  • All oils and other fluids that are drained from equipment are recycled when and where applicable. The fluids are put into proper containers and marked for local/regional pick –up.
  • The major lubricant used by cranes is hydraulic oil.  Axis Crane uses Clarion Industrial White Oil as an environmentally friendly substitute to common hydraulic oils.  While this oil is not perfect, it is 85% free of environmentally harmful additives.  This product is non-toxic to aquatic life.  Axis Crane has adopted the use of inherently biodegradable oil in all cranes and equipment where manufacturers allow.


  • In the event of any kind of spill, each crane is outfitted with a spill response kit that consists of absorbent pads and powders coupled with small absorbent booms or containment rolls.
  • All cranes and trucks have up-to-date SDS books readily available.


Axis Crane has established a preventive maintenance program for all of our equipment to ensure optimal performance. This program includes daily inspections, regularly scheduled maintenance, documentation of all work performed on equipment, annual inspections and certifications. Our operators and oilers are trained on specific cranes for which they are assigned and are responsible for the daily care, maintenance, and appearance of the crane. Each team’s daily operation and maintenance of their equipment ensures that all equipment is finely tuned and allows the teams to be aware of any fluctuation in the cranes operations.
All of Axis Crane’s equipment maintenance is overseen and tended to by our Fleet Maintenance Manager and staff of qualified mechanics.


Good communication helps bring every aspect of our projects to a safe and successful completion. Therefore, the foundation for every Axis Crane project consists of a Pre-lift Planning Meeting and/or Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) conducted by our site foremen or crane operators and includes the customers’ crew.  Through this process, we ensure every member of the team receives a full safety briefing, understands the lift process and is aware of and individual roles & responsibilities.

The safety briefing includes ensuring the rigging crew is competent and capable, confirmation of the load weight, lift radius, and clearance are all correctly calculated, and the designated signal person is identified.  Axis Crane uses lift plans to facilitate clear communication and ensure a safe and successful lift is performed.

At Axis Crane, we manage our customer’s biggest risks and we take that responsibility seriously.

Axis Crane Safety Program Meeting - Crane Rental company serving Oregon and Washington


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